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Discover the "wonder chemicals" in baby green apples that

Fight belly fat, stimulate new hair growth
and might just help you live longer...

How to Burn Fat Without Exercise-  Apple Polyphenols Reduce Dangerous Organ Belly Fat- Medical News Today

 Scientists in Japan announced that lab rats lost large amounts of organ fat, and dramatically increased their muscle strength, when fed this mysterious nutrient as a fraction of their diet.

    The scientists don't exactly know how or why these effects occur. What they do know is this: organ fat is directly linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and aging.

    And that only one other thing has ever been shown to reduce organ fat. Exercise.

    Could this be exercise in a pill?

    And that was only the beginning of the incredible news...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away- Houston Chronicle

    The Houston Chronicle reported that a specific apple polyphenol triggered "crucial" cell processes in laboratory animals.

     And the good health news just keeps coming. Forbes, ABC News, CNN, Science Daily, and WebMD, have all run the stories.

    But... it isn't "an apple a day" showing these remarkable health benefits.

   What these scientists are actually using in the labs and medical studies are highly concentrated extracts from apple skins...

    the pure, powerful apple extract now available in Apple Poly®

    When you need penicillin, do you eat moldy bread? Of course not. When you need an antibiotic, you take a standardized, purified, powerful extract. To assure you're getting what you need to take care of the problem, and start feeling better.

    And that's exactly why we offer Apple Poly®- the purest and most potent standardized, concentrated extract in capsule form.

    In November, the news broke on Alzheimer's Disease...

Apples may protect against brain cell damage in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease- Cornell University

     Researchers at Cornell University reported that "a group of chemicals in apples could protect the brain from the type of damage that triggers such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer's and Parkinsonism."

    And again, the headline is "An Apple a Day."

    But don't be misled. These scientists are not testing apples.

    They are testing very concentrated extracts from apples- apple polyphenols. These potent extracts are now available to you, for the first time, in Apple Poly®

    In May 2005, researchers at the University of Washington rocked the scientific world, with the announcement that they were able to extend life span in mammals nearly 20% with catalase, an antioxidant enzyme.

Human Antioxidant Catalase Helps Mice Live Longer- ABC News Online



    The story exploded across world press. Overnight, thousands of people went looking for a "catalase pill..." 

Catalase Enzyme Study- Antioxidants May Lengthen Life- Fox News

   Unfortunately, there is no catalase pill. But there is a way to safely and quickly raise the levels of catalase in your body: apple polyphenols.

    While the news from UW is exciting, it pales in comparison to this announcement from Russian scientists four months earlier:

    The Russian researchers reported they are able to "routinely" extend the lifespan of mice over 50%, without genetic engineering.

    And you'll love this: they're getting these results from feeding the mice apples. Lots of apples. Specifically, immature green apples. Apples far too bitter for humans to eat, but loaded with a special phytochemical compound.

    What is this secret Russian compound returning three times the lifespan gains, without genetic engineering?

    A safe, natural substance: apple polyphenols.

Confirmed in Over 100 Medical Studies

    Apple skin polyphenols are tested and proven safe in human and animal studies. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic, anti-bacterial. They are the single most potent water-soluble antioxidant ever discovered!

    In fact, apple polyphenols are the subject of over 100 published medical studies. These studies are available to you right now, at, a research web site.

    And in all of those studies, no harmful dose, or side effect, or complication has been found. Apple Poly® is pure, concentrated goodness from the skin of baby apples.

Super Antioxidant Apple Polyphenols | Lose BellyFat / Organ Fat with Apple Poly

Apple Poly®  -  Nature's Premier Antioxidant

Retail Price $48.99  Sale Only $39.95

    You can't buy this product in your health food store. Your doctor hasn't even heard of it yet. Or your neighbors, or dear friends, or family members who may be suffering and need help. But now you know...

   Listen to what users of Apple Poly® are experiencing*:


"I’ve been taking my Apple Poly® now for 3 months and I will tell you it is the most amazing stuff I’ve ever taken! I have lost 10 lbs, I have an energy level comparable with my friend’s 4 year old! My hair is stronger, my skin is brighter and my migraines that used to come at least every two weeks have stopped! I did make one mistake though, I was a week late re-ordering and came off of them for almost 2 weeks, I started having my migraines again, and my energy level plummeted! Now that I’ve been back on Apple Poly®, my energy level is back up, and I haven’t had a migraine in over a month!"

Apples burn fat without exercise- Suzanne has lost 10 lbs!
Suzanne Stogner, Littleton, CO

Apples burn fat and build muscle without exercise- Rick lost 13 lbs!
Rick Erbe, Littleton CO

"I began taking 2-4 capsules per day about a month ago. This year at Thanksgiving, instead of gaining 4 or 5 pounds, I lost 5! I have had increased energy in my workouts, and noticeably diminished appetite during the workday. This has been the first year in several that I have not gotten my usual cold/ flu spell, even though my girlfriend has been sick for the last several days."

Update: Rick called to say he's now lost 12 13 15 lbs!

"One of the first things I noticed was the tremendous energy increase. My energy level is so much better than with anything else I've ever taken- and I've taken inches off the middle!" - Jan B., Hazlet, New Jersey

"Remember when you were 10 years old, and you couldn't wait to go out and just play? That's how I feel every day when I take my Apple Poly." - Nikki V., Nebraska

Apples burn fat and lower blood sugar without exercise.

"I wish I had found this before I had to have my bypass surgery. Now I take it every day, and the doctors are amazed at my recovery (I'm doing much better than the other patients). My blood sugar dropped 40 points and stabilized, and I can't wait for my next cholesterol test." - Joe George, Denver CO

"It works- that's what I want to tell you. I've lost over 5 pounds and one pants size, and I'm not even trying to lose weight. And the thing I like best is I'm sleeping so much better. I'm advertising for you, you know. Do you have a discount for 6 bottles?" -- Myra M., Nebraska

"Apple Poly® has made an amazing difference in my health and overall state of mind. My appetite has decreased and I crave foods that are healthier. I feel stronger and more alert despite how stressful my life is. There is a sense at a cellular level of extreme well being. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from me! The only thing different in my daily routine is the addition of Apple Poly®."

Apples burn fat and increase energy without exercise- Melinds feels great!

Melinda G.,
Golden CO


Medical science confirms it- but the real proof
is in how it makes you FEEL.

     Apple Poly® is a much more potent antioxidant than Vitamin E. It's 18 times stronger than Vitamin C in new lab tests. And it is proven to powerfully stimulate the activity of your own body's age- and disease-fighting defenses.

    You've heard about the health benefits of red wine, and green tea, and even dark chocolate. And you may know that it's the polyphenols in wine and tea and chocolate that are responsible for those benefits.

    But there's a big difference. Water-soluble polyphenols are quite rare. Apple polyphenols, in this unique extract form, are water soluble. So they are much more bioavailable than most other polyphenols.

    But the real proof of Apple Poly® is in how it makes you feel when you take it every day. And we want you to try it, entirely at our risk.

  Order a bottle now. Take it as directed, with some pure water, for 30 days.

"Thank for the amazing magic pills!"

If you don't love it,
we'll buy back the empty bottle

    If you don't agree that trying Apple Poly® is the best decision you've ever made for your health, you will get a cheerful, no-questions-asked refund of your entire purchase price.

    The regular retail price of Apple Poly® is $48.99. But if you order today, you can try a month's supply for $39.95.

    Now, it's up to you. Read the research. Talk to people who are using it with glowing results. Order Apple Poly® right now- risk free through our secure server- and see for yourself why this brand new formula is making headlines today!


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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