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Lose that Belly Fat... Guaranteed.

    Finally, now you can- once you get exactly what you've been missing...

How to Burn Fat Without Exercise-  Apple Polyphenols Reduce Dangerous Organ Belly Fat- Medical News Today

 Scientists in Japan announced that lab rats lost large amounts of belly fat, and dramatically increased their muscle strength, when fed this mysterious nutrient as a fraction of their diet.

    The scientists were puzzled. These were not the results they were looking for...

    They don't even know why these test animals lost so much dangerous organ fat. What they do know is this: organ fat (belly fat) is directly linked to obesity, heart disease, diabetes and the ravages of aging.

    And that only one other thing has ever been shown to substantially reduce organ fat. Exercise.

Could this be exercise in a pill?

    My wife and I couldn't wait to try this for ourselves. We reviewed the astonishing medical data. It looked completely safe- and actually very healthy...

    So we asked the forbidden question: what if this nutrient can do the same thing in humans? What would happen if we could get our hands on the exact formula, and put it to the test in our own bodies?

    We searched everywhere. We asked at the health food store, and at the gym. We asked at the doctor's office. And we got a lot of blank looks. Most people, even most health professionals, haven't heard of this yet. Nobody had it in a bottle. Until...



"I’ve been taking my Apple Poly now for three months and I will tell you it is the most amazing stuff I’ve ever taken. I've lost 10 pounds!  I have an energy level comparable with my friend’s 4-year-old. My hair is stronger, my skin is brighter and my migraines that used to come every two weeks have stopped. My friends are all asking me- what's my secret?"


Suzanne Stogner Aurora, Colorado


Diets don't work and exercise is hard

    Let's face it- losing weight is hard work. And losing belly fat is hardest of all. And if you're like us, you've tried just about every diet, every "fad" and every pill out there. And you reach a point where it just seems impossible, like nothing is ever going to work for you.

    We know. We've been there. The depression and hopelessness you feel when you struggle and try and give it your all, and it doesn't work. The awful feeling of hating your own body, and feeling ashamed.

    But this discovery is completely new. It's not available anywhere else. And it affects your body in a totally different way from anything else you've ever tried. To help you once and for all to finally lose the unsightly, dangerous belly fat.



MariJane Morrison Carlsbad CA

  "This stuff is great. I've lost three inches off my belly in five months and sleep much better. My shape is actually coming back. I'm so glad. I'm going to my 40th high school reunion in the fall, and I can go with confidence now. Thanks for a terrific product.”

Can you lose belly fat without dieting...
without exercise... without even trying?

    That's the promise of this brand new nutrient. But there was one big problem. It wasn't available anywhere. So we had to produce it ourselves.

   And the early results were fantastic...


  • Katrina's belly fat is suddenly disappearing. No diet or exercise program has ever shrunk her leftover "belly roll." She's 21 lbs. slimmer! And the age spots on her hands are unexpectedly shrinking...

  • Myra has lost 7 pounds and one pants size- and she's not trying to lose belly fat. She's taking it because it gives her more energy, makes her sleep better, and eases her arthritis pain in her hands...

  • Sherriffa has already lost 18 pounds. She has lots more energy, and is delighted because her hair is growing longer and stronger...

  • Claire has lost 5 lbs and has tons more energy...

  • Tosh started taking it to lower her cholesterol. She lost 4 pounds the first week, without trying...

    And all of these people have changed only one thing. They're taking this super apple antioxidant every day. No dieting.

    These real people- just like you- have finally found something that helps them lose fat- especially belly fat- effortlessly. Something that really works for them, quickly and easily. Without even trying...

"It works! That's what I want to tell you. I've lost over seven pounds and one pants size, and I'm not even trying to lose weight. And the thing I like best is I'm sleeping so much better. I stopped for a week but the swelling came back in my hands. I won't be without my Apple Poly."  

Myra Mowery Nebraska

If you're serious about losing stubborn belly fat,
 you've got to have this new formula!

    Imagine what it will be like to watch your belly fat finally shrinking. To feel your muscles getting stronger. To witness your body reshaping itself- all by itself- without sweaty exercise or the horrible pangs of dieting!




"I'm so excited!"

"I went down one whole dress size but only lost four pounds for the first few months. Then I started noticing dramatic weight loss.  Over a four month period I went down 2 more dress sizes and lost 24 pounds!  
I'm down to 180 from 215 and I feel and look 10 years younger. I'm so excited!”

-Julia Carpenter, Henry Nebraska


    Now imagine, while you're effortlessly losing belly fat, that you're also giving you body something you know is good for you, supporting your health with an incredibly potent antioxidant, and supercharging your body's own anti-aging enzymes.

    And, by the way, your skin is glowing...


Isn't it time you get dramatic fat loss results
just like Linda, Kim, Julia and Gina?

“My stomach is totally flat!  Do you know how long it took me to try other products to see if
it works? With yours, man, within 24 hours it started working. It is so amazing, like no other product. Unbelievable! I was at a size 5 and went to a size 0 and 1 with my jeans. I am so happy I shop now only for size 0 or 1. I can’t fit size 5 anymore- in one month!”
 -Linda Tran, Oakland, California

“I'm telling you, the slenderizing effect was unbelievable.  This will be the first time since my 20’s I can easily have a six pack showing.  I’m just amazed how slender I am. –Kim Michael, Perrysburg, Ohio

“I’ve lost several inches. The doctor said it looked as if I had more muscle tone. My face seems more even toned and vibrant. I have so much energy it is unreal.” -Gina Dee, Euclid, Ohio

I started taking these pills less than a month ago I have lost weight in my stomach area.
before the pills I had a pair of pants that could not close around my stomach
. I wore the pants yesterday for the first time. Thanks Apple Poly!!" -LaToya Smith, Brooklyn, New York

“I have lost 18 pounds (WOW) and still going. My eating habits have also changed for the good. My hair is stronger, longer and healthier, also my energy level has increased.” –Sherriffa Ahamad, St.Croix, USVI

“I love Apple Poly. I have lost 7 pounds of fat and it certainly was easy. This product is a dream come true for me.” –Myrna Miles, Richmond, California

“It's been three weeks now that I'm using your pills and my belly is already flatter and I did not change anything in my diet which is I admit very unhealthy... I am really impressed by the action of Apple Poly on me. Thank you.” – C. Dupont, Courbevoie , France

“I love this productI’ve lost several inches in my waist and have lots more energy. People ask me what I’m doing, and tell me I look great!” D.M., Jackson, Mississippi

“I haven’t lost weight but I’m shrinking. I was able to get in some pants that I haven't been able to get in for at least a year.” –C. Stratton, Richmond, Virginia

“I just wanted to let you know that your product is a very good product. I saw a difference the very first week I started taking it.” –Jerry Liner, Houma Louisiana

“It really helps with weight control.” -Wendy Mott, Arlington, Washington

“Apple Poly gives me higher and longer lasting energy. It is definitely burning organ fat, and my hair is thicker.” -Lincoln Stack, Grand Junction, Colorado

It's absolutely, positively the single best decision
you can make for your body and your health... period

    When we heard about this, we couldn't wait to try it. Of course, we're delighted. And now, it's time for you to get your own spectacular results!

How to Lose Belly Fat in Just 30 Days... Guaranteed! Order Apple PolyTM Risk-Free Today.

Apple Poly®. It Works, or it's FREE.

    All you have to do is take these pills along with your meals, every day for 30 days. That's it. What could be easier?

     Order Apple Poly®, and take it every day for 30 days. If you don't love the results- if it's not the easiest way ever to lose belly fat without trying while you're improving your skin, your energy, and your health- send back the empty bottle for a full refund of your purchase price- period.

  If you don't love it, we'll buy back the empty bottle

    The regular retail price of Apple Poly® is $48.99. But if you order today, you can try a month's supply for $39.95. And it's totally risk-free.


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     This exclusive report is a must for anyone serious about burning fat and losing weight.  Learn about a simple yet powerful way to test any diet or fat-burning supplement where it counts- right in your own body!  Know once and for all what works now to burn the fat- even before you see results on the scale, and around your waist.

      You'll also learn ten more simple, sure-fire weight loss tricks from some of the nation's leading bariatric doctors and clinics- and how to accelerate the effects of Apple Poly®. with these tested clinical secrets, to jump-start your way to a beautiful, slimmer, healthy body.

     Right now, this special report-- How to Absolutely, Positively KNOW When Your Body is Burning Fat-- is only available to our clients. And it's yours to keep and enjoy, absolutely free.

   These exclusive fat-burning secrets are literally just moments away. And they're yours to keep- no matter what.

Get started now- lose that ugly, dangerous belly fat! 

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    We know this can work for you. Remember, this is the same super-concentrated formula used in the laboratory studies. Apple Poly® is a safe, natural formula made from the skin of baby apples. Vegan approved. Kosher certified. Pure in a capsule. And it's not available anywhere else.

   We want to see you shed pounds and lose inches of belly fat without any hard work. And it costs you nothing to try! Because if you don't love it, we'll buy back the empty bottle.


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