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Procyanidin B-2 Extracted from Apples Grows Hair
in Clinical Trials of Male Pattern Baldness


From: New Health & Longevity  
Subject: New Procyanidin Hair Growth Breakthrough

Update: New clinical photographs provide unequivocal proof!
(Revealed for the first time below)

In this special report, you will discover the all-natural botanical secret from Japan that outperforms the leading hair growth drug in laboratory tests- plus the surprising results that might just be the missing piece of the hair loss puzzle...

New Hair Growth Revelations at Marburg- European Hair Research Society Eighth Annual EHRS Conference
Marburg, Germany

September, 2000


Late in 2000, Japanese researchers presented their findings to the international community on the hair growing effects of apple polyphenols- specifically one known as procyanidin B-2.

    The researchers had spent years testing over 1,000 botanical extracts for hair growth properties. They identified two successful compounds- one from chardonnay grapes, and one extracted from unripe apples.

"Hair Loss Conference Reveals Major Discoveries." -, September 2000

    A year before the landmark Marburg conference, tests were conducted  on mouse and human skin cells.

    Here is what the cell culture tests revealed:

Natural Hair Loss Remedy tests Stronger than Minoxidil- Poly-GRO Procyanidin B-2

    The procyanidin B-2 fraction clearly outperformed the grape extract, and nearly doubled the hair growth activity of minoxidil. "Procyanidin B-2 purified from apples," stated the research team, "shows the highest activity of more than 300% relative to controls."

    Promising results, indeed. Next came the in vivo mouse studies. Lab mice were shaved, then treated with procyanidin B-2, procyanidin C-1 (also from apples), minoxidil, and placebo. Results of these tests showed "extensive hair growth" for both procyanidins B-2 and C-1, as well as minoxidil.

    After toxicology and safety tests, it was time for human trials.

Investigation of topical application of procyanidin B-2 from apple to identify its potential use as a hair growing agent, Phytomedicine, 2000:

    In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial, nineteen men with male pattern baldness were studied with a daily topical application of a 1% procyanidin B-2 solution, extracted from apples. Ten other balding men served as controls, receiving a placebo solution. After 6 months, the study concluded:

  • The increase in number of total hairs and terminal hairs in the procyanidin B-2 group subjects was significantly greater than controls

  • 78.9% of subjects showed an increased mean value of hair diameter

  • "Procyanidin B-2 therapy shows promise as a cure for male pattern baldness."

    "Apple Juice Ingredient May Stop Hair Loss" -

    Following the revelations at Marburg, an attempt was made to further understand the mechanism by which the remarkable hair growth effects occurred. The results were published in the prestigious British Journal of Dermatology:

Procyanidin B-2, extracted from apples, promotes hair growth: a laboratory study, Br J Dermatol. 2002 Jan;146(1):41-51

    In this study, the researchers concluded that procyanidin B-2 acts to diminish protein kinase C isozymes, which play an important role in the hair growth cycle.

    Procyanidin B-2 seems to promote hair growth by downregulating  PKC in both the anagen (active growth phase) and telogen (resting phase) of the hair follicle. When the anagen phase is prolonged, and the telogen phase is shortened, increased hair growth results.

"Procyanidin Oligomers, the All Natural Minoxidil," -

    Two more clinical trials and a total of seven published studies have now confirmed the surprising hair growth-promoting effects of apple procyanidins. Here is a summary of those findings:

  • Total Number of Hairs: Significantly Increased

  • Total Number of Terminal Hairs: Significantly Greater

  • Increase in Hair Diameter: 78.9% Positive

  • Ratio of Thicker (terminal) Hairs: Significantly Higher

  • Compared to Minoxidil: Up to 200% Better

  • Hair Follicle Activation: Intensive

Update: The First-Ever Clinical Photographic Evidence

    In the most exciting development yet, Japanese researchers released a new study late in 2005. Once again, procyanidin therapy was proven successful in regrowing hair in subjects with male pattern baldness. The new study, published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, confirmed the findings of earlier studies, showing clear improvement in the number of hairs and the density of hairs in the treated area.

    Building on the success of earlier trials, the study was extended to 12 months in the procyanidin group, and proved that longer term procyanidin therapy was even more successful than prior 4 and 6 month trials.

    And for the first time ever, actual photographs from the clinical trial were released in publication


Clinical photographs of a subject before (a) and after (b) 12-month treatment of procyanidin agent.

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These remarkable never-before-seen photos provide unequivocal photographic proof of the hair growth effects of apple procyanidins

    In January, 2005 the Apple Poly, LLC product development team secured the exact formula used in these groundbreaking Japanese studies, and investigated each ingredient for its value in hair growth. And what they discovered has set the stage for the most radical new approach to hair growth in years...

    Because the solution that produced outstanding hair growth in the double-blind clinical trial may have been the wrong formula.

    Of course, it grew hair in test subjects... impressively. But it wasn't nearly as powerful as it could be- according to the researchers' own notes.

    Here are their key findings:

1. Multiple Procyanidins Produce Synergistic Results

    First, a careful review of the data revealed that both procyanidin B-2 and procyanidin C-1 had profound effects on hair growth, but at different phases of the hair growth cycle. Further, the procyanidin B-3 fraction also showed significant results: even better than procyanidin B-2 in one testing phase.

    The first improvement to the formula was delivered- by enriching it with all three procyanidin oligomers- B-2, B-3 and C1.

"Another Study Showing Benefit of Procyanidin B-2" -

2. Apple Procyanidins are Dose-dependent in Nearly Every Study

    The team then turned their attention to the concentration of the lab formula. Was a 1% solution- the amount used in the clinical trials- really the best possible strength for stimulating new hair growth?

    Based on months of cross-discipline research review of apple procyanidins and polyphenols, another clear trend emerged. In nearly every area of research, the effects of procyanidins were dose-dependent. The higher the concentration, the better the results.

    Since procyanidins are thoroughly tested safe, and produce zero irritation or unwanted side effects, there seemed to be no reason to stop at a measly one percent. So they quadrupled the procyanidin strength of the new formula.

3. "Alarming" Hair Growth Results

    During the months of research review and formulation, something unexpected happened. And it could turn out to be the single most important factor in procyanidin-based hair growth...

    Reports began coming in of accelerated hair growth, from clients who had never even used the prototype topical solution. So how on earth were they growing more hair?

    In December 2004, a client from Colorado emailed the team with her new results. She was seeing accelerated, measurable new hair growth. In her own words...

"I color my hair every 5 to 6 weeks and after less than a month, my hair had grown so much that I desperately needed to see my colorist." - M.G., Golden, Colorado

She was actually complaining that her hair was growing faster- because it was costing her more at the salon.

    In January, they got a phone call from Anastasia, another client. She called with the same gripe- her hair was growing so fast, she had to see her stylist to color her roots nearly twice as often as before- again after only a few weeks...

    But these clients were not using the improved procyanidin hair formula. It wasn't even released yet. Not to anyone.

    Then Dan called and reported that he was seeing new growth at his receding hairline. At 63, his hair was thinning rapidly. But he had begun to notice much less falling hair in his comb- and "obvious" new growth along his hairline. Dan was doing one only thing differently- he was taking a gram of apple polyphenol capsules a day, not for hair growth, but for more energy...

    These clients were getting unexpected and rapidly accelerated hair growth from taking apple polyphenol capsules. They were taking the procyanidin formula in supplement form for fat loss and blood sugar control. And getting those results- plus faster hair growth- as an unwanted side effect!

    It didn't take long to realize what a powerful combination this could be...

    As other clients taking apple procyanidins internally in capsule form continued to report thicker hair, new hair growth at the hairline, eyelash hairs growing longer and eyebrow hairs growing back, and growing darker, the research team could no longer ignore the facts. Taking the pure apple procyanidins internally, in capsule form, might just be the missing piece of the hair loss puzzle...

    They realized that the improved hair growth formula they had developed from the original research, combined with the unwanted hair growth results reported from clients taking pure apple procyanidins in pill form, was sure to be the most powerful approach to hair growth ever tested.

The promising hair growth therapy you've been waiting for is finally here...

    The new procyanidin B-2 formula has now been released for public sale, under the brand name Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2. Based on the original Japanese study formula, it's been improved with  meticulous attention to the clinical research results.

    In addition to procyanidin B-2, Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2 is further enriched with B-3 and C-1 procyanidins- then concentrated to 400% strength.

    If you've tried everything to stimulate new hair growth, this may be the most important research report you'll ever read. Because...

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The top hair growth sites are raving about procyanidin B-2...

"Hair Loss Conference Reveals Major Discoveries." -

"Apple Juice Ingredient May Stop Hair Loss" -

"Procyanidin Oligomers, the All Natural Minoxidil," -

"Another Study Showing Benefit of Procyanidin B-2" -

    You've read the research: double-blind placebo-controlled studies showing 78.9% success in male pattern baldness, and lab tests showing twice the hair growth results of minoxidil...

    You've seen the clear photographic proof published in a major medical journal...

    You've heard the reports from our clients, getting unexpected hair growth just from taking Apple Poly® polyphenol supplements- even without the added benefit of the strongest ever procyanidin-rich topical Poly-GRO formula...

    You have every reason to be excited about this latest hair growth breakthrough...

"I have been using your PolyGro topical spray and Booster capsules for almost a month. At the time I started your products, I was losing hundreds of hairs a day – on my pillow, in the shower, etc. After only three weeks of using your products, my hair loss had SIGNIFICANTLY diminished. I no longer wake up with ANY hairs on my pillow and lose just a few when I shampoo. I am always skeptical about new hair loss products and yours are no exception. I will continue to use your products to see if I get any regrowth of lost hairs. Thank you for your products – so far, so good…" - Jim B., Omaha, Nebraska

But here is what you must know...

    Despite the ridiculous claims made by some companies, the truth is it takes some time to intervene in the hair growth cycle and promote brand new growth. The research says so: 3 to 6 months. And of course, your own common sense tells you the same thing.

    While you may see results in a shorter time, like Jim and others already using these new formulas, you know that when you start a new hair regimen with these formulas, you're making a commitment to use them every day, and to give them time to deliver the results you're looking for.

    So it's only fair: when you make a commitment to try these powerful new formulas, we also make a commitment to you.

    We understand that you may have tried everything to produce new hair growth. You've put your trust in other companies and formulas that just didn't work for you. We know how frustrating it can be. How cruel it is to have your hopes dashed, over and over again.

     All you want is to find something- finally- that really works for you. Is that too much to ask?

     We want those results for you. And we will never take advantage of your trust.

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    We want to make sure you have absolutely nothing to lose. We insist that these procyanidin-rich formulas will finally give you the results you've been looking for- or we don't deserve your money.

    But we'll still have your trust.

must have new hair growing- real hairs you can touch, and see-
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    New Health & Longevity

PS. Caution: other formulas claiming to contain procyanidins or proanthocyanidins use cheaper and much less effective extracts from grapes. Poly-GROTM Procyanidin B-2 is the only formula available containing these costly and powerful apple procyanidins.

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